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Den Artikel Edition Peters Lumsden Caroline / Lumsden Ben - Language Through Music Book 1 + Cd - Children´s Choir (per 10 Minim von Edition Peters finden Sie ab 12.20 EUR bei Woodbrass.com.

Instrumentation : Children´s Choir with backing track CDLanguage Through Music brings to life, through song and actions, the process of developing and nurturing knowledge and understanding of the English language. These songs will support pre-school curriculum and National Curriculum in school, and make singin g and language learning fun. Easy to use for both musicians and non-musicians Language Through Music is printed with simplified piano parts and guitar chord symbols, and each song is repeated on the CD in the following sequence: - Solo performance [leader and backing group] - Line-by-line teaching tracks [leader with material repeated by children´s chorus] - Full Performance [children´s chorus and leader] - Backing Tracks only. The songs have been grouped into the following themes: Book 1: Names, Actions, Numbers, The Alphabet, Objects, Colour, Pets and Farm Animals. Book 2: Family and Home, Face and Body Parts, Monsters, Clothes, Fodd, Zoo Animals. Book 3: School, Days and Dates, Birthday, Party Games, Work and Play, Time and Timetables. For: Foundation Stage, KS1 and Lower KS2 - creative support material for Early Learning Goals and Numeracy and Literacy Strategies. Caroline Lumsden is one of the UK´s leading music educators and co-founder of Musicland - one of the most successful early learning music systems devised in the last 20 years. Now living in France, Caroline visits the UK regularly to lead workshops and seminars . Ben Lumsden studied music at Clare College, Cambridge. He had been teaching music to children for six years and currently freelances as an organist and bass guitarist.