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Bored with learning German from apps and coursebooks? Take your German language learning to the next level and boost your vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar sense by reading German crime novels.
This is the first episode of the popular Baumgartner & Momsen mystery series for German learners.

In an abandoned house at the outskirts of a small town, an unidentified body has been found. Can you help Kommissar Harald Baumgartner and his colleague Katharina Momsen solve this case and improve your vocabulary along the way?

Why brood over grammar sheets and lifeless workbooks when you can be entertained and learn more effectively with German fiction books at the same time!

This German language learning book contains:

  • the first in a series of German crime fiction stories for beginners

  • fun characters and dialogs to help you learn German faster and more enjoyably

  • vocabulary with difficult and important words translated to English

  • ready for on-demand translation (only available on physical Kindle devices)

  • exercises for comprehension training, including answer key

  • hand-drawn illustrations by the author

  • the beginning of a larger German adventure ...

Other German Crime Fiction Books in This Series:

  • Episode 2: Die Dritte Hand, in which body parts pop up out of nowhere

  • Episode 3: Des Spielers Tod, in which a gamer pushes his hobby to a deadly limit

  • Episode 4: Zum Bärenhaus, where a corpse is found in a panda enclosure

  • Episode 5: Heidis Frühstück, in which dog food comes with strange supplements