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Das Produkt The Fabulous Lost and Found and the little Polish mouse: heartwarming & fun bilingual Polish English book to learn Polish for kids ('Story Powered Language Learning Method') (English Edition) von gibt es ab -,-- ? auf den Seiten von amazon.

A little mouse walks into the Lost & Found, but can only speak Polish. How will Mr and Mrs Frog figure out what the mouse is missing…? Aimed at children aged 2-7, the unique ‘Story-powered language learning method’ combines humour, story and emotion to gently and memorably introduce kids to more than forty simple and fun Polish words and phrases. “The kids were so busy laughing they didn’t realise they were learning.” Kyle Buchannan, Dad of two, London.  It’s a bilingual children’s book with a difference, that helps lay the foundations of a love of languages.


"With this delightful little mouse, your child will soon be laughing and speaking some Polish without being overwhelmed. I’ll be recommending it to anyone of Polish heritage as it’s such an engaging way to learn.” Anna Kucewicz, PolishAtHeart.com

“I love that I can introduce my kids to a new language without it feeling like homework.” Zoe Reynolds, UK

“Let’s read it again.” Noah, aged 4.5

"Utterly charming story, making use of children’s natural approach to learning language” Madalena Xanthopoulou, Founder, The Alma Collective. Expert on raising multilingual children. 

"A wonderful book to introduce a new language into the classroom. Lots to talk about and really captIvating illustratIons." Rohan Plunkett, Deputy Head, Akiva Primary School.

How does the Story Powered Language Learning Method work?

Unlike a Polish picture dictionary or traditional bilingual Polish English children’s books, the Fabulous Lost and Found uses the the ‘Story-powered Language Learning Method’ taps into a child’s natural abilities. There are three steps:

  • We create an emotionally engaging and funny story for children and adults to enjoy together, just like any of the other Polish books for children. Studies show that social interaction, like enjoying a book together, is critical in language learning.
  • Through the story, we introduce a relatable character who speaks only in the new language. This helps build empathy and a positive attitude towards people who speak different languages. These are both important aspects in laying the foundations for lasting language acquisition in a child’s life.
  • As the story in this Polish picture book progresses, the child naturally works with the characters to discover the meanings of a wide range of fun new words and phrases. Strategic use of humour ensures that this subconscious learning is rewarded with laughter; the child feels good and the first seeds of a lifelong love of language are sown.

Message from the Author

Mark Pallis iThere is a special magic about learning words another language and using them: I truly think it warms the heart. I've learnt jokes or songs in ten languages so far and it's brought me so much joy. This Polish book for children is first and foremost a really enjoyable story, but it's also my way of helping little learners engage with a new language, empathise with strangers and ultimately build a love of languages. And it happens without them realising. Any parent who has ever tried to smuggle vegetables into pasta sauce will know that you can get a lot of good stuff into things without kids noticing. This book is the same! I want you all to have fun together and enjoy the story. The learning is a bonus; the icing on the cake or extra veg in the sauce! The idea that after a few reads, kids will be able to go up to a native speaker and tell them in their own language: 'I've lost my hat' fills me with joy. Imagine how proud the child, and you, will feel!